Faculty advisers play a key role in the ongoing functioning of Tau Alpha Pi Chapters. They are the source of motivation, support, and ideas for chapters and student leaders. Faculty advisers provide leadership development to students and will have many opportunities to guide and direct activities of the chapter to help students experience success in engineering technology in their studies and as a career. Advisers do not lead the chapters themselves; rather, they should act as a guide to the student officers of the chapter and be available for advice, as a resource, and as a liaison between the chapter and National Headquarters.

The faculty adviser is responsible for compiling a list of eligible students by obtaining class ranking lists or grades, and for submitting the details of new inductees to National Headquarters. More information on this can be found here.

Once granted a charter, chapters are autonomous, but operate in a manner consistent with the letter and spirit of the Tau Alpha Pi constitution, which can be found here. Chapter activities must be appropriate for an honorary society; fundraising activities must be for a worthy cause supported by the chapter and its institution. Tau Alpha Pi chapters are expected to remain active, conduct membership initiations, participate in and contribute to the academic community, and inspire students to achieve scholarly excellence. Ideas for chapter projects and activities can be found here.